Health Care Follow-up Visit to India ::: 2-9 April 2017 ::: A collaboration between the India Platform and the Christian Mutualities (BE)

The context of the visit

The visit is part of a larger endeavour focusing on the future challenges for health care in Belgium and India. Though both countries differ in many ways, the challenges they face in providing universal health care have many issues in common. In India, accessibility is an issue. This is due to the fact that a lot of people have problems with affordability of care and the lack of universal coverages schemes. In Belgium accessibility is threatened due to the lack of financial means within the health-scheme and the rise of ‘out of pocket payments’. Collaborations and thinking together about the future of health care provision, could provide a cross-fertilization and perhaps, a magnificent crop. For that to take place, we need exploration, open minds and thinking-out-of-the-box.
The India Platform and the Christian Mutualities (BE) have been working for more than 2 years on this endeavour and have already built a large network of interested Indian partners in the region of Bangalore and Mangalore (in the Indian state of Karnataka) in health care and health care provision. It is within this context that several visits to India have taken place in the past, amongst which a Health Care Ventures Visit in December 2014. The follow-up visit in April 2017 will build further on this.

The goal of this Follow-up Visit is to reflect further on this issue with Indian partners, to explore opportunities, to open up our Indian network to Flemish organizations and to enhance collaborations. The network consists of contacts in the domain of health care (including health related provisions for sports activities). The visit will create the conditions for an exchange of experiences and knowledge. If you want to encounter enthusiastic new partners in the healthcare sector and if you are interested in working towards long-term solutions which can enable better access to health care for all then this visit might interest you. In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This visit is co-organised by the Christian Mutualities (Midden-Vlaanderen) and the India Platform.

Background to the concept of this visit can be found in the India Platform – Note on Universal Health Care (Dec 2014).


For whom this visit is meant

– For chairmen, CEOs and top level members of Flemish hospitals and mutualities
– For professionals in medicine and health care who came in contact with the India Platform network in the last year
– For participants of the former Health Care Ventures Visit (December 2014)


Three aspects of the visit

1. Lectures and discussions about the challenges in universal health care in India, including an international conference on 8 April. This conference will be co-organised by India Platform stakeholder NITTE University (IN) and the Christian Mutualities (BE) – see the conference website:

2. Visits to different kinds of hospitals and institutes in two cities, Bangalore and Mangalore, to get an idea of the kind of medical care, research, education and professional activity existing in Karnataka, India.

3. Separate meetings, tailored to each participant according to their particular expertise and areas of interest.

The organisers will be available for the participants throughout the visit. They will accompany participants to meetings, modify programmes when required, and if possible, discuss cultural challenges met along the process.


Venue in Bangalore (2-5 April 2017):

Mövenpick Hotel
115, Gokula Extension
HMT Road, Near BEL Circle
Bengaluru – 560054
Phone: +91 80 4300 1000‎

Venue in Mangalore (6-8 april 2017)

Hotel Deepa Comforts Mangalore
Luxury Business Hotel, M.G. Road
Mangalore – 575 003, Karnataka, India

Venue of the conference (8 April 2017):

NITTE University


Contact details:

Mrs. Nele De Gersem
Deputy Director India Platform
Ghent University
+32 9 264 93 70 (BE)
[email protected]

Mr. Geert Basyn
General Management, European Affairs
CM Midden-Vlaanderen
+32 475 58 40 22 (BE)
[email protected]

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